Learning French

Brain Work

Learning how to learn is the greatest tool you can acquire in this lifetime. The wiring of your brain is unique and responsible for your learning styles. To acquire new knowledge, you need to build on previous knowledge. This process involves focus and memory which are both closely connected to emotions and imagination. It is important to understand how memory works and that you need to practise between classes to see real improvement. Learning a language is demanding. It requires regular practice and discipline. Fifteen minutes practice per day will generate better results than one or two hours of personal practice at the weekend. Learning is not a question of forcing the mind to absorb new information but rather more to practise in a relaxed state of mind and with a feeling of fun. The material should be stimulating and suited to your own level with many activities and breaks. To learn to the best of your abilities, you should also pay attention to your general health and fitness. Learning French can be done at any age and will keep your mind young and fit. You will learn if you really want to learn and your interest will guide you.